Chevrolet thinks the new Montana can outsell the Fiat Toro



This will be the grille of the new Chevrolet Montana. Photo: GM.

Is the end of Toro’s reign in the compact pickup market approaching?

Chevy develop the new generation of montana the pick-up that will make a leap from the small to the compact segment to compete with models like Renault Oroch, Ford Maverick and Fiat Toro.

Currently, the model that dominates this segment in the region is the Toro. According to the manufacturer’s predictions, the new Chevrolet Montana could surpass it in number of patents and climb to the top of his segment.

According to Brazilian magazine Quatro Rodas, Chevrolet has informed its dealer network in Brazil that it plans to sell 5,000 units per month from Montana 2023 retail only. Direct sales, usually numerous (usually for fleets), are not included in this count.

It would be the new generation of the Chevrolet Montana.  Projection: Four Rhodes.
It would be the new generation of the Chevrolet Montana. Projection: Four Rhodes.

If that happened, Montana would position itself among the 10 best-selling models in Brazil and it could overtake Toro, which closed 2021 with an average of 5,900 patents per month and in 2022 with an average of 4,000 per month.

From now on, in Argentina everything will depend on the volume available at the dealerships , which are currently experiencing difficulties in obtaining supplies due to the limited quota that car manufacturers must import. Montana and Toro come from Brazil.

New Montana: what changes

Chevrolet says the new Montana will feature “several novelties” with a “smart design” and that the cabin “makes better use of interior space to provide more comfort for occupants, while the cargo box will debut technologies that offer even greater versatility”.

The manufacturer promises a much more advanced pick-up, with better dynamics, efficiency and equipment although he did not give details of the configuration.

The characteristics of the product have not yet been formalized, everything seems to indicate that it will be powered by it 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 132 horsepower currently offered by the Tracker. It will also have manual and automatic versions, and will have front-wheel drive (with no all-wheel option, as is the case with the new generation of SUVs.

Chevrolet thinks the new Montana can outsell the Fiat Toro

With the Tracker, the new gold-bow dish could also share elements of safety and comfort equipment, as well as design style.

The new compact pickup will take the name Montana to enjoy the history of this model and to enter the market with a certain reputation, despite the fact that it will be a model totally different from the old small pickup.

For Chevrolet, the new Montana “is one of the most anticipated launches in Brazil and throughout the region.” The brand ensures grow “at an accelerated pace” with a concept of pick-up “unprecedented” since participate in a different segment.

Source: TN

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