In April there was a sharp increase in the production and export of cars in Argentina



Pacheco Industrial Center. Photo: Volkswagen.

Last month, 43,826 vehicles were manufactured and 27,431 were exported.

In April, the production and the car export in Argentina , according to the usual monthly report of the Association of Factories (ADEFA). It is the third month in a row with favorable figures for the sector, although a Central Bank measure puts it in check.

43,826 vehicles were produced in April, 49.5% more than in the same month of 2021. At that time, 29,315 cars were manufactured; that is to say 14,511 less.

Thus, the annual total reaches 148,884 cars. Compared to the first quarter of last year, when 118,592 were manufactured, the sector grew by 25.5%.

In April there was a sharp increase in the production and export of cars in Argentina

In addition, 27,431 exports were recorded from domestic factories, which marks an increase of 73.1% compared to the same month last year, when 15,848 copies were sent abroad (there is a difference of 11,583 cars).

With the April operations, 81,376 Argentinian cars have already been exported in 2022. Compared to the period January-April 2021, when 65,221 vehicles were sent abroad, the improvement is 24.8%.

In his analysis of the performance of the sector, Martín Galdeano, president of Adefa, pointed out that the main variables of the automotive industry show dissimilar behaviors. “Although the data is positive, production in April continued affected by foreign trade operations, global logistics issues and semiconductor shortages yes”, detailed.

The concern of car manufacturers

Galdeano warned that, for the sector, the government “there is a need to find a rapid solution to the A 7466 communication of the plant, which, as we have been alerted, will have an impact on the production of the sector”.

Due to this Central Bank measure, nearly 50 companies (including the Smata guild) they sent him a letter President Miguel Ángel Pesce in which they claim be excluded from regulations that limit access to dollars since the restriction harms the industry in terms of import parts for the manufacture of cars sold abroad.

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Already at the beginning, the letter explains the reason for the complaint: “We are happy to address you in order to convey to you our worry for the delay in responding to our proposal regarding the impact of the communication of the reference in the supply necessary for the manufacture of the automotive industry chain » .

“As we anticipated both in the meetings held and in the two memoranda presented on March 14 and April 7, we confirm that several auto parts manufacturers have informed us that From the first days of May, they will no longer be able to continue supplying the terminal companies because the changes in the commercial conditions have not been accepted by their foreign suppliers,” they said.

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