Winter and cold days require extra car care



Allianz Assistance experts share some important tips for car maintenance and maintenance for this period

Winter has begun and the low temperatures recorded in the autumn took Brazilians by surprise. Even in traditionally warm cities, temperatures have plummeted in recent days, with snow in some municipalities. With this, it is necessary to take various care, including car maintenance. Allianz Assistance’s team of experts shares some tips for this period.

Vehicle maintenance: extra attention in the cold period
According to experts, low temperatures require special attention to some elements that are little remembered in regular vehicle maintenance, which include caring for parts such as the battery, cold start tank, spark plugs and spark plug wires. . Ideally, parts are checked regularly, according to the guidelines in each vehicle’s service manual, however an extra inspection is recommended in periods of intense cold.

Tires should be inflated at least once a week on cold days

Tire care
Ideally, tire inflation should be done at least once a week in freezing weather. In addition, tire wear should always be observed. You can do this by looking at the TWI (Tread Wear Indicator), which is a mandatory element, present on all tires and which allows you to visually observe any wear. In this way it is possible to verify the ideal moment to make the trade, which must be carried out just before reaching the limit of this indicator.

It is worth remembering that tires are responsible for the vehicle’s contact with the ground and consequently for efficiency in contour lines, traction in motion and the necessary grip when braking, whether in an emergency or not. Therefore, it is very important to inspect and replace (if necessary) tires in the winter and rainy season.

Most common mistakes to avoid during the winter
Experts also draw attention to the fact that in cold weather it is common for drivers to keep multiple car objects on at the same time, such as windshield wipers, headlights and hot air. All of these elements require a lot of efficiency from the vehicle’s battery and alternator. Hence, you need to keep them updated. However, it is worth remembering that procedures such as turning vehicles on and off, as well as long or repetitive starts, are not advisable.

Batteries require attention to avoid electric cookware in the winter

In general, all vehicles need care during this time. However, cars powered only by ethanol or flexible fuel – and supplied with this type of fuel, deserve more attention. Even those powered by diesel can suffer from low temperatures and have difficulty starting.

Bonus tip
In newer vehicles, it is not always necessary to wait for the engine to fully warm up to start running. However, it is advisable to wait at least the time necessary for the engine speed to drop a little, before setting off with the vehicle.

As for those who have a rotation indicator, the famous tachometer, care must be taken to ensure that it reaches a maximum of 1,000 rpm. This will extend the precious time in the life span of the vehicle. In particular for vehicles such as flex-fuel engines, refueling with gasoline during the cold season is the most suitable.

Source: Terra

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