New Chevrolet Montana might surprise you in the interior space



According to GM, the new generation of the Chevrolet Montana pickup will innovate in proportions and the use of lighter materials in the body.

Gradually, the mysteries about the new Chevrolet Montana are revealed. The novelty now is that the new generation of pickups will have the best internal use in the segment. According to GM, there will be at least 2 cm more in the cabin for the knees. However, it is not yet clear whether the new Montana will be the size of the Fiat Toro or the Renault Oroch (a very likely hypothesis).

General Motors believes the next trend in the pickup truck segment is for vehicles that offer greater passenger comfort and greater bucket versatility, a concept debuting in the Chevrolet range with the new Montana. The future pickup arrives in 2023.

“If the customer wants a more spacious truck, they are also worried about the size of the vehicle, mainly due to the size of the parking spaces available in large urban centers,” explains Marianni Sanchez, head of advanced market research at GM America. southern.

That’s why GM designers use lighter and stronger materials for the body. Therefore, they can do without a very large engine to tow the truck. The result was an increase in the area intended for the cabin without giving up a large volume for the load. It is clear, therefore, that the new Chevrolet Montana must have small engines, 1.0 or 1.2 liters.

“The result is fantastic – commented Mariani – The new Montana will have the best use of interior spaces in the segment. There’s at least 20 millimeters more for the rear passenger’s knee than the competition, while front and rear headroom is another example of superiority. ”Another promised highlight from GM is good ergonomics.

The future Chevrolet pickup will also have a connectivity system capable of receiving remote software updates inherent to the pickup’s electronic architecture and native multimedia center applications.

Source: Terra

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