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Totally different pick-ups, Fiat Toro has a monocoque body and intermediate dimensions, while Toyota Hilux is body on chassis

Fiat Toro and Toyota Hilux shouldn’t be in the same pickup category, but, according to Fenabrave, they are. Both models are part of the Large Pick-ups category. Therefore, the numbers presented by the body representing the dealers are distorted from reality.

According to the Fenabrave ranking, in July the Fiat Toro recorded 4,333 sales and 29.12% of the segment, while the Toyota Hilux recorded 4,122 number plates and a share of 24.75%. These are unrealistic numbers, as these vehicles are not competitors.

The Fiat Toro is 4,945 m long and has a wheelbase of 2,990 m. The Toyota Hilux is much larger, with a length of 5,325m and a wheelbase of 3,085m. Furthermore, the two pickup trucks are built completely differently. While the Fiat Toro uses a monobloc body (one piece), the Toyota Hilux has the bodywork on a frame (one piece fixed to the other).

Toyota Hilux: convertible pickup truck.

That alone would be enough for these pickups to be in different categories, as the type of construction affects the handling and use of each model. The right thing would be that the Fiat Toro was in a class of its own along with the Renault Oroch and Ford Maverick, also vehicles derived from compact SUVs, with unibody bodywork.

In 2023 another model will enter this category, which could be called Compact Pick-ups (considering the Small Pick-ups below). If so, the ranking would look like this.

Compact pickups
1st Fiat Toro – 4.333
2nd Renault Oroch – 1.368
3rd Ford Maverick – 183

The Toyota Hilux category name is also misspelled, which is actually a medium pickup truck. The models and the correct ranking of this category would be as follows.

Average withdrawals
1st Toyota Hilux – 4.122
2nd Chevrolet S10 – 2.229
3rd Mitsubishi L200 – 1.794
Nissan 4th Frontier – 743
5th Ford Ranger – 653
6th Volkswagen Amarok – 636

Large are the Ram pickups (1500, 2500 and 3500), although their rivals, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150 and F-250) are not yet sold in Brazil. The correct ranking is as follows.

Great pickups
1st Aries 3500 – 267
2nd Aries 2500 – 68
3rd Aries 1500 – n / a

As Fenabrave ranks hi according to the interests of car manufacturers, Stellantis, Renault, Ford and Toyota (which produce the Fiat Toro, Ram 1500/2500/3500, Renault Oroch and Ford Maverick and Toyota Hilux models) should take the lead in make a change request.

Thus, the Fiat Toro would appear on the market with a share of 73.64% and not those announced with 29.12%. The Toyota Hilux would appear with a share of 40.50% and 24.75% undisclosed. And the Ram 3500 would get a hefty 79.70% in its class and not minuscule 0.50%.

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