Experts: EU gas targets are almost impossible



The EU’s goals – to reduce gas imports from Russia while stockpiling the necessary volumes of fuel by winter – can only be achieved if European industry refuses gas for many weeks.

The EU’s goals – to reduce gas imports from Russia while stockpiling the necessary volumes of fuel by winter – can only be achieved if European industry refuses gas for many weeks.

Europe will need to save more than 300 terawatt hours of natural gas (about 30 million cubic meters) this year to meet the plan presented by the European Union in early March, Der Spiegel reported, according to the model of the Jülich research center. This volume corresponds to approximately one third of the annual gas consumption in the whole of Germany.

European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans announced earlier that EU countries would have to give up two-thirds of Russian gas supplies by the end of the year and replace them with supplies from other countries. other sources. At the same time, EU countries must fill at least 80% of their gas storage facilities by November and, if possible, go completely without Russian gas during the coming winter.

Large-scale shutdown of the gas industry?

Experts at the Jülich center warn, however, that both of these goals can only be achieved through large-scale shutdowns of European industry. Thus, steel mills, chemical plants and cement factories throughout the European Union should be immediately disconnected from gas until the end of July, and gas-fired power stations for almost the entire month of July.

As can be seen from the presented model, only in this case will the European Union be able to achieve the intermediate goal – to fill gas storage facilities by 63% by August 1. However, new shutdowns in the industry will be necessary as early as October in order to fill the storage facilities to 80% by November 1.

At the same time, experts note that this is an optimistic forecast and it can only be realized if it is possible to significantly increase the supply of liquefied natural gas and gas pipeline from other country.

The gas embargo of the Russian Federation will have a heavy impact on the German economy

The refusal of Russian gas will lead to the loss of many jobs in Germany, fears the boss of the IG Metall union Jörg Hofmann. According to him, Germany will need these supplies for many years.

The Russian gas embargo has serious consequences for the German economy, says Joerg Hofmann, president of the German metalworking union IG Metall. “Companies will certainly have to shift hundreds of thousands of employees to part-time jobs, in the long run many jobs will be lost,” Hofman said in an interview with the Rheinische Post, published Saturday, April 30. “This also applies to other industries, such as the chemical industry,” warned the head of Germany’s largest union.

According to Hofmann, “It does not matter if Russia itself cuts off the gas supply, or if it is a Western embargo, but the consequences for the German economy, jobs and general well-being will be serious”. It will be years before Germany can do without Russian gas, he added.

Germany will not pay Russia for gas in rubles

Meanwhile, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner has confirmed that Germany will not pay for Russian gas in rubles.

“As far as Putin is concerned, I say very clearly: we will not allow ourselves to be blackmailed! We will continue to pay for Russian gas in rubles. It is obvious that we are doing everything possible to become independent from Russia as soon as possible” . he wrote on twitter.

In an interview with Funke, Lindner clarified that Germany would not switch to payment in rubles, even in the event of an “urgent” change in the situation.

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