Borjomi announced that he was ready to transfer a majority stake to the Georgian government



The mineral water producer Borjomi IDS Borjomi International, which belongs to the Russian group Alfa, has announced that it is ready to transfer a majority stake to the Georgian government free of charge. About this writes “Interfax” with reference to the company’s message.

“This step will give the Georgian government the opportunity to participate in the management of an international business,” said IDS Borjomi International. In addition, it will allow production to resume and save jobs at IDS Borjomi Georgia factories, writes “Novaya Gazeta. Europe” .

At the end of April, IDS Borjomi International announced its decision to suspend production at factories in Georgia due to financial problems related to the war in Ukraine. They clarified that in addition to the difficult situation in the main sales markets, IDS Borjomi International has limited access to bank accounts, which “locks in the company’s foreign currency profits and the ability to pay creditors”.

Borjomi has belonged to the Alfa group since 2013. Its founder Mikhail Fridman has been under European sanctions since the end of February.

Source: delfi

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