Despite sanctions, imports of Belarusian building materials to Lithuania doubled



Imports of Belarusian-made building materials to Lithuania doubled despite entry into force of import ban, reports .

This is due to the fact that Lithuanian companies actively used the transition period, during which it was still possible to import batches of pre-ordered building materials from Belarus.

On March 9, a ban on the import of construction materials from Russia and Belarus entered into force in Lithuania. However, the government decree contained a clause that construction materials ordered before March 4 could be imported into the country for another three months.

Lithuanian publication LRT found that many building materials importers took advantage of this opportunity. Thus, since March, the volume of building materials imported from Belarus has more than doubled.

For the same reason, materials produced in May are also found on construction sites in Lithuania. The Department of the Environment, which is responsible for enforcement and sanctions control, says this would have been possible if supply contracts had been awarded and payment had been made by March 4.

Sanctions related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine have affected not only Russia itself, but also Belarus. The sanctions affected 70% of Belarusian products, including potash, which is Belarus’ most important export.

Source: delfi

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