China has banned flights to the country for Russian carriers Boeing and Airbus



China has banned flights to the country for Boeing and Airbus planes from Russian air carriers registered in two jurisdictions at once. On this subject writing RBC with reference to two sources.

According portal “Radio Liberty” Beijing has asked the carriers for data confirming that planes imported from Russian carriers have been officially deregistered overseas.

Most of the fleet of Russian airlines consists of planes belonging to Western lessors and registered until March in foreign jurisdictions. After the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the planes were effectively seized from their owners and transferred to Russian registration, and their maintenance is carried out without the control of Western manufacturers and aviation authorities. However, they can only be written off in the old jurisdiction with the consent of the leasing companies.

Since late February, Western countries have imposed a series of sanctions against Russia’s aviation industry due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The European Union has banned Russian planes from using its airspace and has also stopped deliveries of planes and spare parts to the country.

Source: delfi

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