German economists demand energy tariffs from Russia instead of an embargo



According to the survey, many economics professors at German universities believe that tariffs are a better tool than embargoes. They are convinced that the duties will force Russia to lower energy prices.

Many economists who teach at German universities support the imposition of taxes on energy from Russia by the European Union. This will make it possible to reduce payments for energy supplies from Russia without serious consequences, 70% of the 158 professors surveyed by the ifo economics institute and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper are convinced of this. The poll results were released on Tuesday, June 7.

According to these economists, tariffs are better than embargoes and more effective than import restrictions. Tariffs will force Russia to lower its export prices, and market-driven energy price hikes in Europe will encourage more economical use of scarce resources, they say. “This can become an effective method of putting pressure on Russia,” said Lisandra Flach, head of the ifo center for foreign economy, in particular.

Skepticism about fees

At the same time, 23% of the teachers surveyed are skeptical about the introduction of European tariffs on Russian energy resources, which will lead to a further rise in consumer prices. Russia has a strong stance on the gas issue, so the burden of duties will fall primarily on the European Union itself, they point out.

Some survey respondents rejected the idea of ​​tariffs, as they consider the measure too lenient. They propose to completely stop all payments to Russia.

57% of economists think Germany should limit trade relations with autocracies due to what they see as high geopolitical risks. Experience shows that autocracies are often unreliable business partners, and Germany is also responsible for respecting human rights in other countries, they argue.

Source: delfi

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