Heading South: Where to find work for the summer and how much they’ll pay for it



Farmers with open arms expect not only experienced specialists, but also laborers

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An acquaintance of mine takes three months of unpaid leave in May and is traveling south. But not to rest, but to work. Summer is the hottest period for him: not in terms of weather, but in terms of income. In general, he works as a marketer in a Moscow store, and by the sea in Gelendzhik he turns into an unrivaled barbecue, which vacationers always line up for.

– I work in a private mansion, where they are always waiting for me, – he said. – I have been living there for several years. I live and eat there for free. During the season I earn three times more per month than at my main job!

Such “seasonal workers” in the summer in our south a lot. There are more and more tourists every year, there are not enough local residents to serve them, so there are no extra workers at the seaside during the season. If only he was conscientious and didn’t ride “free to revel”.

However, we will return to the sea. Well-known Russian career consultant, author of books on career and personnel search Ilgiz Valinourov I’m sure: there are always seasonal vacancies on the market. But summer dictates its note. Ilgiz listed us 5 main sectors of activitywho look forward to your summer work.

a. Agriculture. And during the sowing season, during the harvest and when processing the fields, workers are urgently needed. Farmers expect with open arms not only experienced specialists, for example for equipment maintenance, but also general workers.

2. Resorts. Animators, lifeguards, ice cream vendors, souvenirs, street fast food – the list goes on.

3. Cafes and restaurants. In summer, public catering launches open verandas and recruits additional staff: waiters, cooks, administrators, etc. You can do this without experience – students, unemployed and all, all, all will do.

4. Tourist guides are particularly in demand in the summer. Travel agencies are hiring more guides to accompany groups. This category includes animators, diving instructors, horseback riding, hiking.

5. Request for specialists in the installation and maintenance of air conditionerswhich, as a rule, are used exclusively in summer.

– In addition, pickers of berries, herbs, wild plants are in the price in the summer, – adds Ilgiz Valinurov. – In the same Karelia, you can earn up to 200-250 thousand rubles per season.

And yet, according to the Avito.Work service, summer is also a hot period in the construction industry. Already, the number of vacancies in this field has increased by 18%. Hands are required in the range: handymen, construction workers (painters, plasterers, finishers, carpenters, etc.), qualified specialists (estimators, draftsmen, engineers).

Import Substitute Required

If we talk about the labor market in general at the moment, the most popular, according to Valinurov, will be vacancies related to import substitution. This applies to both ordinary specialists and senior managers who will develop domestic technologies and products. And in various fields.

– One of the engines of growth (the most important for the development of industries – Editor’s note) of the Russian economy is agro-industry. After him – computer technologies and mechanical engineering, – explains Ilgiz Valinurov. – Much now relies on IT specialists, in particular the digitization of production. Despite the sanctions, the number of IT vacancies increased by 20%.


A place under the sun

But admit that the jobs of the sea seem the most attractive. Worked, bathed – on the embankment; worked, bathed – on the embankment … Romance!

Thus, vacancies in the South Sea are now more than sufficient. Job search sites require specialists in at least 40 specialties. Many of them – with free accommodation and meals for the duration of employment.

In the first place – maids in guest houses with salaries from 30 to 40 thousand rubles. There are also more profitable offers, but already from higher class hotels with strict requirements such as knowledge of languages, etiquette and even impeccable appearance.

In second place – dishwashers and stoves. Here the payment for a shift is 1000-2000 rubles.

At the third – hotel administrators Salary or shift (about 2500 rubles per shift), or monthly (30-40 thousand per month). Higher education, competent speech, work experience, knowledge of reporting programs and recommendations are welcome here. Because the admin has to work with money.

On the fourth – tourist guides and animators. Salary – from 1000 rubles per shift.

On the fifth – electricians and plumbers. The average salary is 35-40 thousand rubles per month.


In which areas has the number of “rotating” vacancies increased the most?

Industry and dynamics*, salary, friction.

Education and science (+25%) – 35,000

Construction (+18%) – 90,000

Fitness, beauty salons (+6%) – 60,000

Security and Safety (+6%) – 50,000

* February-April 2022 compared to the previous three months.

Where the need for seasonal workers has increased the most:

Moscow + 32%

Astrakhan + 31%

Kaliningrad +30%

Krasnodar + 23%

The demand for trades that has increased the most…

… in Sochi: masons and workers + 67%

… in Kaliningrad: security officers + 75%

… in Moscow: specialists in the field of education + 120%

According to Avito Work.

How not to end up without a salary

Unfortunately, not all seasonal employers are clean. Sometimes, when hiring an employee, he promises to pay for the work at the end of the season. Head of Intellectual Property of the “Soviet” Legal Group Julia Chistyakova advises: if you were offered such a condition, beware! And at the same time, take into account several important points in advance.

1. First, you need to find as much information as possible about your potential employer or client from open and official sources on the Internet. Fortunately, now people are not too lazy to write reviews.

2. Complete all documents before starting work. Depending on the nature, type and duration of the work, the relationship can be formalized by an employment contract or a civil law contract (contract for the provision of services, employment contract, etc.). Carefully study all the conditions of the document, if doubtful points are found, it is better to contact a lawyer.

3. When concluding an employment contract, pay special attention to mandatory points, such as:

– position,

– Description of tasks,

– workplace,

– the amount and method of payment of wages,

– the start date of work, the duration of the employment contract (in the case of a fixed-term contract),

– hours of work and rest,

– warranties and indemnities,

– working conditions in the workplace.

It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the job description, internal labor regulations, remuneration regulations and other local acts of the organization.

4. In order not to be deceived by payment, do not start work before signing the contract.

5. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of penalties in the contract.

Source: KP

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