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To combat rising inflation, all methods are suitable

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Savings skills are always helpful. And especially in times of crisis. But it’s one thing to compare sugar prices in different stores to earn 5 rubles per kilo. And quite another – to use a systematic approach. Then you can save more and not spend a lot of time looking for bargains.

#1 Compare prices

Previously, it was necessary to go around the various stores to find where the goods were the cheapest. Now everything is much easier. Download one of the apps that compare the cost of goods in different stores – and go where it’s most profitable.

For example, if we are talking about food, you can download the Edadil app. Here you can see the discounts on products offered by the various supermarkets. For example, if you buy something in large quantities and often, it will be more profitable to check with the app. Store prices change. Perhaps your favorite product will be reduced and not available in the store near the house, but in the surroundings. With the current development of delivery systems (see next paragraph), this will not pose much of a problem. And save a lot.

N° 2 Delivery of the order

Many stores during the pandemic have set up services to order goods and products online. Download a particular store’s app, get a full online shopping cart, and order home delivery. Most often, this service is already included in the price or there is a minimum order amount at which the goods will be delivered free of charge. So you can save your time on this point. And, as you know, it’s also money.

To assess the savings of money, experts offer this method. Calculate how much you earn per hour and how long it will take you to get to the supermarket, select the right products and come back. Multiply the amount by the hours. That’s exactly how much you can save when ordering delivery. The calculation is of course conditional. It does not take into account nuances. For example, that you want to pick tomatoes yourself. But for a general understanding, it is useful.

#3 Use Installments

If you can pay for the goods not immediately, but later, this is a great way to save money. In early March, many stores canceled this option. But now, seeing that inflation is not so important, they have started flipping this option in order to stimulate demand. And we can use it to our advantage.

A simple example. You want to buy a refrigerator for 50,000 rubles, and you have this money. Under current conditions, it makes more sense not to pay the entire amount at once, but to issue an interest-free installment plan. Free money left on deposit at 15% per annum. As long as the banks grant attractive rates, this strategy will be the most optimal.

At the same time, even cheap goods can be purchased in installments. It can be issued in most online stores. The system works like this. You find the product, add it to the basket and make the payment in installments. The first payment will be debited from your card immediately, the goods are delivered. And after that, every two weeks or once a month – the remaining amounts. The main thing is to carefully read the terms of payment each time.

#4 Add to favorites

Bad consumption: see a discount – buy a product. Correct consumption: choose a product – wait for a reduction. In the first case, the risk is great that, tempted by a profitable offer, you will buy something useless. In the second case, there is a risk of missing the discount. But it can be reduced.

If you want to buy a specific product, find it on the sites available for sale. Look and remember the price. Then you will have a starting point to understand the future benefits. Add the product to your “Favorites” or “Shopping List” in multiple online stores. Many websites and mobile apps send push notifications about future promotions or discounts on products you’ve added to these lists. If the purchase is disabled, you can wait for a better offer.


Signature campaign

This subscription was once associated with newspapers and magazines. You pay three or six months in advance – and you receive the periodicals exactly on time in your mailbox.

Now, the word “subscription”, especially when referring to the Internet, is understood as a slightly different mechanism. And it saves you a lot – not only time, but also money.

Some large companies and banks are actively developing their own ecosystems. This means that they bring various businesses under their wing. Delivery, taxi, carpooling, online cinemas and much more. You can use these services individually or you can buy a subscription for all of them at once. It’s usually cheaper that way.

– The mechanics of work for all subscription services are approximately the same: you pay a fixed amount per month or immediately for a year in advance for a set of benefits and offers from the brand and partners. A subscription generally gives access to content (films, series and music), and can also offer cashback, discounts and special conditions of use of the services. Cashback, in turn, makes it possible to partially or even fully pay the cost of goods and services, as well as to accumulate points for purchases in order to spend them later on new orders and services. With the help of subscriptions, you can find a better deal for yourself compared to competitors and buy the necessary product with a profit even during price increases,” explains Andrei Gevakresponsible for Yandex Plus.

Each large company developing the ecosystem has its own services. When choosing a specific subscription, you need to understand exactly what you use most often. And buy the subscription that will bring you the most benefits. So that it does not happen like with the purchase of a fitness membership. We paid for unlimited access for the whole year and only go to the treadmill once a month.

Better yet, wait for a discount on the subscription itself. Several times a year, companies conduct marketing campaigns. At present, you can buy a subscription with a good discount and save more.


Earn on a credit card

To fight against rising inflation, all methods are suitable. Now it is more profitable to save money and earn interest on deposits (banks give an average of 15-17% per year). And at the same time use the free services offered by banks.

1. Grace period

Personally, I’ve been using this setup for a year now. Its essence is as follows. Get a credit card and use it during the grace period. Usually it is 60-120 days. During this time, the money in the bank can be used for free. If you repay the entire debt at once before the term expires, you won’t have to pay interest. Free money at this time can be kept in a short-term deposit or savings account. It turns out that you will withdraw money from the bank for free and will receive interest on it.

The main thing is to follow simple rules. First, remember the deadlines and make the minimum payment on time. It enters the body of the debt and represents 3 to 5% of the debt. Second, stay in control and don’t overdo it with your spending. If you fail to repay the debt before the end of the grace period, the bank will accrue interest from day one. And then all efforts to save money will be in vain.

2. Cash Back

Generally, banks offer better terms on credit cards than on debit cards. In particular, customers can benefit from increased cashback if they pay with a card in certain stores. In some banks, these conditions are set for the entire term of the plastic. And in some, you have to choose priority categories every month (gas stations, cafes, entertainment, etc.). Think about what you spend the most money on. And choose the conditions that will bring you the maximum benefit.

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