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The importance of managing people for employee happiness and business prosperity.

Managing a team well is essential to achieving results and ensuring the quality of your business. It is with this detail in mind that managing people is becoming increasingly important. Having an increasingly humanized people area, with the aim of enhancing the employee, combined with professional and personal expectations, promotes a better quality of life and professional well-being during work activities.

A key point for great management is to maintain the healthy organizational climate, create measures to make relations between employees more harmonious, through integration between teams, reducing the psychological burden of the obligation to achieve objectives and the development of tasks throughout the process.

According to the Decoding Digital Talent study conducted by Boston Consulting Group and The Network, 93% of technology employees at Latin American companies surveyed in this survey say they expect to change companies in the next two to three years, with 64% said they are still actively looking for new jobs.

This survey well reflects the scenario that changed during the pandemic, because for 95% of respondents, the goal is to work from home at least once a weekdemonstrating the importance of the quality of life that businesses must offer, also aligned with flexible working hours, with the aim of contributing to maintaining work balance and extra-work life.

Especially in the technology sector, the search for qualified professionals is increasingly fierce. This leads companies to rethink the motivations of their leaders and subordinates, as well as requiring a close look at market movements, to think of ways to leverage their careers, learning and autonomy for balance in personal and professional life.

It all starts with the selection of talent

In my opinion, to build this management, it is important to start from the selection of talents, thus evaluating the technical and interpersonal skills, as well as establishing ways to recognize the good performances of the teams.

As the Director of People & Culture, I think the main word for managing people is balance. The manager must understand the demands of his group, investing in employee training, creating processes and workflows to generate greater employee satisfaction. Also, having good communication, empowering and making the employee feel important and understanding their role as part of the company’s growth is essential.

The manager must be prepared for this new model implemented due to the pandemic, which is ‘hybrid work’. With this new relationship, virtual or face to face, it is necessary that the company has this humanized leadership, interact more and try to understand each other in a genuine way, with the aim of improving and lightening the corporate organizational culture and creating a more welcoming environment.

This efficient people management will bring you results not only internally, but also in your business and customer relationships. do not forget Communication is one of the most important resources of this journey and, therefore, it is necessary to establish continuous feedback with one’s employees, eliminate any noise that could interrupt processes and relationships and promote continuous climate surveys to monitor possible situations that can trigger crises and help improve the organizational climate.

Waleska Cunha is People & Culture Director of Softplan.

Source: Terra

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