For productivity, companies adopt the permanent home office



Research reveals that companies are permanently adopting this model.

People management gained the spotlight during the pandemic, with more than 8 million Brazilian professionals having to adapt to a drastic change in the business model, according to data from the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea).

At the time, the Home Office was the option to reduce the impacts caused by the global health crisis. But everything indicates that the alternative will be to become common practice, also due to the discontent of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs even in the face of adverse circumstances.

Therefore, working from anywhere outside the office will be more than allowed, it will be at action encouraged in a more than necessary change of attitude of companies.

Almost two years later, the consequences of this transformation are still visible today. Recent research by Korn Ferry reveals this 85% of the 170 companies surveyed say they have definitively adopted the home office model in their operations. One example is Beedoo, a startup focused on training.

In addition to adopting the hybrid model, leaving the possibility of going to the office to whoever wants and when it suits them, the ‘Beeout’ program has been implemented internally. In it, each employee can choose two Fridays of the month to take a break, reducing on these occasions the weekly trip to 4 working days.

Beedoo CEO Daniel Lima draws a parallel between the corporate world and that of high-performance athletes to justify the measure. “We have very bold goals in all areas and we won’t be able to achieve them if we don’t find a balance between work and rest,” he says.

These alternative relationships between companies and employees also have benefits for the healthcare sector. On June 1, the World Health Organization’s inclusion of Burnout Syndrome in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), as an occupational phenomenon, completed six months and unearthed a major problem that struck more and more people. According to an estimate by the International Stress Management Association (Isma-BR), in 2029 Brazil would occupy the 2nd place for level of stress in the workplace in a ranking containing nine other countries.

But the definitive adoption of a hybrid model, at least, even with the end of the most critical period of the pandemic, according to some companies, can change this scenario.

“We have identified some processes that can help improve the quality of life of employees,” says Anderson Belem, CEO of Optimize, a startup specializing in corporate benefits tailored to the needs of hybrid work. “These are simple actions that are within the reach of organizations of all sizes and are able to transform the probability of loss into a possibility of benefit for all involved,” he says.

But in case of disagreement between the parties, who decides whether or not the worker goes back to the face-to-face model? According to Gabriel Henrique Santoro, lawyer for Juveniz Jr Rolim Ferraz Advogados, the law transfers to the employer the power to determine the return of activities to the face-to-face regime, requiring only that a minimum interval of 15 days is respected for the switch from teleworking. to face to face.

the art. 75-C, §2, TUF, provides that the transition from teleworking to face-to-face work can be carried out with the determination of the employer, guaranteeing a minimum transitional period of fifteen days, with corresponding registration in a contractual amendment. In this way, in practice, the regulatory framework prevents the employee from refusing to be called by the company to return to work face-to-face.

“If there is resistance from the employee, it will be up to the company to impose punitive measures, and it can also apply the sanction for just cause,” he explains.

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Source: Terra

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