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The professional test showed 49% growth in May 2022.

Each person has a way to learn and absorb information. When we talk about IQ, IQ, we immediately think of IQ tests and the professional test, carried out especially in the phase in which the young person leaves high school and is about to take a very important step in his career.

According to Google research, the term “Proof Professional” showed growth of 49% in May 2022compared to the same period in 2021.

Today, there are several ways in which a student can learn more easily and in the way they prefer, as they can be distinguished by one or more of the 7 types of intelligence: such as spatial intelligence; physical-kinesthetic intelligence; interpersonal intelligence; Intrapersonal intelligence; linguistic intelligence; logical-mathematical intelligence and musical intelligence.

Furthermore, technology has been part of the teaching modalities that emphasize even more the 7 types of intelligence. According to the Gen Z Expectations survey conducted in the United States by Pearson (a British publishing and education multinational), 47% of people between the ages of 10 and 23 prefer to study via apps, YouTube and games. In what results in the development of more skills and consequently in logical reasoning, which directly affects the IQ of a student and / or professional.

And when it turns to IQ, the Mensa Brasil Association, an entity that brings together people and professionals with high intellectual abilities in the country, reveals that 2% of the country’s population has a high IQ, with five from Pará, considered super intelligent. which are part of the Canteen. The canteen has a total of 145,000 members. In the last round, held in March, 19 super-intelligent Brazilians were identified.

According to Jefferson Vendrametto, director of corporate and institutional relations at Cebrac, everyone can increase their IQ. “Specializing with trends is one of the ways to acquire more knowledge and improve intelligence more, which can be done through the modalities that bring you the most information absorption, like in some ways the 7 types of intelligence,” he explains. Vendrametto.

Do you want to know what kind of intelligence you are? Take the test here.

The IQ test helps to understand and compare the different abilities of individuals. Many competencies and skills are taken into account by different types of areas of thinking and knowledge, such as reasoning, logic and mathematics.

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