Rafael Mariano gives advice for anyone who wants to start a business



According to a survey, 60% of young people plan to open a business in the future

According to recent data from the IBGE, more than 40 million Brazilians live informally. With unemployment on the rise, past generations’ dream of a formal contract has been replaced by the need to seek other avenues and work on their own.

According to Sebrae, Brazil broke the record in 2021, with over 11 million new individual micro-entrepreneurs registered. Within this scenario, young people who dropped out of high school saw a service scenario to adapt and open their own business.

“I believe that entrepreneurship is a great path for everyone, because, through your skills, you show the world your strength and also leave a legacy. Young people have this opportunity in their hands, because they were born in the age of technology. You can create, analyze and search for information, then refine this knowledge and turn it into something creative ”, explains specialist Rafael Mariano.

According to a recent survey, around 24% of people in classes A, B and C up to the age of 30 already have a business and 60% would like to open one in the future. Working with mentoring and lectures for the younger audience, Rafael Mariano has followed the progress of the current generation in relation to the changes in the market.

Despite having a lot of energy, Rafael reveals that the young man often ends up taking the wrong attitude or choosing low-profit businesses for lack of experience.

“If you are going to start a new business, you have to seek knowledge. How to do? How to undertake? Sebrae, for example, has so many free courses that can give you a path. I try to guide young people to be intense. From the moment you serve everything and look for something, things soon get better and the doors open, ”she says.

Expert tips:

– Attend events, conferences, workshops and content fairs. All of this will provide content for professional development.

– Open your head! Be ready to learn. It could be learning how to take a photo, play an instrument, or a new skill with apps.

– Take courses and talk to people close to you, they can be friends or family. Either way, exchange ideas and hear opinions that can help you.

Source: Terra

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