The fire of inflation was flooded with borscht: which products rose in price and fell the most in a week in Russia



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The trend anyway! Moreover, the trend is positive, which in our time is a rarity. For two weeks in a row, judging by regular reports from Rosstat, inflation in Russia is a few tenths of a percent. In “peaceful economic times” we wouldn’t be happy about that, but now it’s pretty good news.

On Wednesday evening, Rosstat published the latest data on price increases. And it turned out that for the year inflation was already 17.7%. However, for the period from April 16 to 22, prices increased by 0.25%. A week earlier, the figure was 0.2%. But at the beginning of March, prices in Russia increased by 2% per week. So there is a slowdown.

There are two categories of goods that have fallen the most and thus slow down inflation.

1. Get cheaper vegetables from the so-called “borscht set”. Not all. But it was cabbage, which is included in this very set, the price of which fell by 5.1% in a week and became the champion of Russia in terms of price reduction. The price of onions has also dropped significantly. And at the same time, the prices of bananas and tomatoes have fallen (see “Only numbers”).

All this becomes cheaper because now, in the middle of spring, there are a lot of imported fruits and vegetables on the shelves. Ours is not yet ripe. And the Russian currency over the past month and a half has seriously strengthened: if on March 11 the dollar was 120 rubles, now it is 73. That is why imported goods are becoming cheaper.

2. Lower equipment prices – Televisions, smartphones, vacuum cleaners. The reason for this is the drop in excitement. After the start of the special operation, people rushed to sweep the electronics from the shelves, and the sellers raised the prices to the skies – they will always buy it. The panic subsided and prices began to fall. It’s a shame, not as fast as they grew: in a week, the price of equipment fell by about one percent or less.

As for more expensive goods and services, Airline tickets became the leader in price growth for the week. Also, which is a shame, in economy class (it would be nice in business class – they wouldn’t get poorer!). The reasons are clear and sad. First, because of the sanctions, the Russian air force is going through very difficult times. The number of flights has decreased, it is almost impossible to fly abroad, and in fact carriers have cashed in on international flights. Now they have to recoup their costs somehow. And secondly, summer is inexorably approaching. The closer the holiday season approaches, the more expensive the plane tickets are.


TOP 10 products whose price has increased…

Economy class airfare +6.98%

Margarine + 2.83%

Beets + 2.37%

Toilet soap + 2.35%

Laundry soap + 2.11%

Black tea + 1.8%

Cucumbers + 1.8%

Salt + 1.79%

Dry animal food + 1.68%

Cookies + 1.54%

…and the TOP-5 cheapest

Cabbage – 5.12%

Onion – 2.74%

Tomatoes – 2.58%

Bananas – 1.9%

Televisions – 1.23%

According to Rosstat. Price change for the period from April 16 to 22.

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Source: KP

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