Philip Kirkorov broke the silence after the humiliation of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin



The singer recorded a video message

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Philip Kirkorov, who celebrated his 55th birthday in style on April 30, made a bold statement. The singer defended his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva and her fifth husband Maxim Galkin, who were scolded by Margarita Simonyan on Vladimir Solovyov’s show.

Philip Kirkorov recorded a video message in which he urged to slow down the rhetoric in disputes over the actions of famous artists. “More and more often, I pay attention to the growing internal aggression towards each other. Just think about it – after all, that’s what our Western partners, so to speak, want. Stirring up internal conflicts. We are a multinational people of our vast country… Now when I see people who don’t agree with everything, with an alternative point of view, people with different points of view, but just scared, I I feel bitter,” the artist said.

He urged not to organize “witch hunt”. “Public figures are now obliged to unite, to rally people, to call to overcome all adversities together,” Philip stressed.

Kirkorov noted that he lives by the principle – do what you want to be treated. “Everyone has flaws. We are not saints. And if every person in our country thinks about it, then life will become at least a little easier for us,” the artist noted.

He asked not to rejoice in the artists: “You should regret that now, under your oppression, your hateful mood, great professionals leave instead of creating the conditions for a reverse flow. Only together, only together we can do everything overcome. Stop cutting pieces of our society There will be only one skeleton left, on which they will dance with pleasure.”

Recall that Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva have been in Israel for more than two months. The couple moved into a luxurious villa on the Mediterranean coast. The resort of Caesarea unites all the conditions for a well-fed and comfortable life.

Source: KP

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