The Chunkans: the punk band of young Cordovans in Seguimos in El Doce



They are 11, 15 and 18 years old. They come from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita and tour the interior with their music.

The Chunkans, a growing punk band from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. Lautaro (18 years old), Mateo (15 years old) and Julián (11 years old) three teenagers united by the same passion who are already touring the interior of the province with their own songs.

They visited the living room of We continue to El Twelve and rolled out all their music. The boys explained that they chose punk because of the music they heard at their house. “Punk represents us through its historythe controversial and the explosive,” they explained.

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The group was born in 2018, between Mateo and Julián, two brothers in love with music. Although in the beginning they did more covers and mixed genres, now they have clearly defined what they want: punk. Julián later joined on bass and now the trio plays in different indoor locations.

The Chunkans have already opened for bands like Romapagana by Andrea Prodan, Riff and White Rat. Lautaro, the youngest, said he learned to play the drums by watching his brother. Now they rehearse together in the room they share in their house. In this sense, they confessed between two laughs that their loved ones “ask them not to make so much noise”, but that they always support them.

+VIDEO: A young punk trio from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

A tweet from producer Augusto Ochoa put them on the media agenda. The video went viral on social media and exceeded 200,000 reproductions“We dream of continuing to play, to release music and to meet people from the underground,” they concluded.

Source: Eldoce

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