Curiosities of the shooting of the film starring Juana Viale in Cordoba



In Seguimos en El Doce, a visit to the film set installed at the Quórum. In addition, the testimony of three of its main protagonists.

Filming is already underway movie “Human Resources” in the city of Cordoba. A film of local and Mexican production which counts among its most outstanding protagonists in Juana Viale. A great show with a lot of Cordovan talent and directed by the Mexican Jesús Magaña. In We continue to El Twelvecuriosities and intimacies of film set which was set up at the Quorum Hotel.

The filming took place in various locations such as the Phare du Bicentenaire and an Indian cuisine restaurant in the Observatory district. Now it was the turn to film in some offices near Ambrosio Taravella airport. More than 50 people working to achieve one of the most important scenes of the movie.

“All the computers there are part of the decor. We reformed everything because the space was empty. In this scene, there is a fight where one of the actors breaks a glass”, explained Daniela, one of the producers. The work was carried out under the instructions of the artistic director, Lizette Poncewinner of two Ace awards.

A few minutes before the start of the recording, the famous Mexican actors, Daniel Tovar, Giuseppe Gamba and Pedro de Tavira They told how they live the work and how they spend their stay in Cordoba. All three admitted that “Cordoba is amazing.” “We really like it, we’re happy to be here, people are very calm,” they commented.

As for Fernet with coca, a Cordoba classic, they admitted“It’s extremely dangerous, don’t underestimate it.” Moreover, they confessed that they did not understand why the Argentines tried to imitate the Mexicans raise your voice a lot. “They make it very sharp”, they assured between two laughs.

+VIDEO: A tour of the Human Resources film set

Human Resources is an adaptation of the novel by Mexican writer Antonio Ortuño, chosen as one of the best young authors in the Spanish language. It recounts the struggle of Gabriel (De Tavira), a resentful office worker, on his way to promotion of positions within the company in which he works. Juana Viale will play Verónica, a woman who bonds with the characters at work and also wants power.

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