The unpleasant truth about the show with Nikolai instead of Maxim Galkin has been revealed



Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

As fans wonder if Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva will return to Russia, a replacement has been found for the comedian on Channel One. On Saturday, May 7, Nikolai Tsiskaridze made his debut as the host of the Tonight show. A charming dancer in the race for a place on the air, it is said, jumped over venerable competitors: Dmitry Nagiyev, Alexander Oleshko and Dmitry Borisov. However, opinions on the replacement among viewers and pundits differed greatly.

The one thing everyone is in solidarity with is the noticeable excitement of Nikolai Maksimovich. In front of the camera, he was not at all as liberated as his predecessor. However, someone liked the embarrassment, coupled with the intelligence of Tsiskaridze: they say that it is very rare to meet a real person among plastic TV characters. But there were also those who criticized the artist for his shyness and excessive gentleness, which they equated with a lack of professionalism. So, for example, producer Dmitry Ashurov said that the people of Tsiskaridze could not be captivated and predicted low ratings for the program.

And those expectations were justified. The ratings were declassified by actor Stanislav Sadalsky: it turned out that Tsiskaridze was looked at twice as badly as Andrei Malakhov. The view share of “Tonight” was 9.9, while the show “Hi, Andrey!” – 20.9.

– I don’t watch (boring and misleading) TV programs, only internet series and movies. But the rating agencies always send me new numbers,” Sadalsky wrote on his blog, attaching screenshots of the May 7 studies. – The program “Tonight” and with Max (Galkin. – Ed.) Was bad, and with Maksimych (Tsiskaridze. – Ed.) It’s even worse … Well, Malakhov, this Malakhov … The art is tested.

Recall that the entertainment television program “Tonight” airs on Saturdays on Channel One. The first host of the project is Andrey Malakhov, he was replaced by Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova. The last time the show was hosted by a certain Maxim Galkin: in the studio with the stars he discussed various topics. It is not yet known how long Nikolai Tsiskaridze will remain in the project: they say that the producers intend to try out several new on-air presenters.

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