Teatro Argentino’s Astor Piazzolla room reopened with a presentation by Chango Spasiuk



Teatro Argentino’s Astor Piazzolla room reopened with a presentation by Chango Spasiuk

With a free entry “Patrionic Concert” on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve May revolutionwhich star will it be Chango SpasiukIt will reopen next Wednesday at 17:30. Astor Piazzolla Roomin Provincial Arts Center Argentina La Plata Theater.

From the recital organized by the association Institute of Culture will also be part of Theater Academic Roomreturning to the scene since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, it is announced that a meeting will be held between the missionary musician and the band for a version of the song Piazzolla.

Tickets, available until the room capacity is exhausted, can be purchased from 12 pm this Monday. https://www.gba.gob.ar/teatro_argentino/entradas.

It should be noted that this concert is part of a big agenda at the La Plata locations designed by the Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires province for the Week of May.

The offer includes a recital This Sunday Plaza San Martin At the opening of the Magnificent Music program- Peteco Carabajal tomorrow already Peter Aznar to honor Friday Atahualpa Yupanquiat Teatro Argentino and Salón Dorado de Gobernación, respectively.

Sala Astor Piazzolla is located in the first basement and has not operated since 2019. It is designed as a micro cinema and is completely covered with acoustic wooden panels.It has a capacity of 300 spectators and is reserved for chamber concerts, theatrical productions, popular recitals, conferences, conventions and symposia, among other events. On this occasion, it will appear completely resurfaced and with another set of spares.

Academic Camerata is an instrumentalist ensemble affiliated with the Argentine Theatre. Its main functions are focused on educating young musicians, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and facilitating the promotion of new talents.

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