Fired four comedians from Saturday Night Live cast with laughter



Fired four comedians from Saturday Night Live cast with laughter

The red carpet for comedians is rolled out on the last show of this season of Saturday Night Live (SNL) Peter Davidson, kate mckinnon, Benevolent Bryant Y Kyle Mooney To bid farewell to the audience with the episodes broadcast live from New York in the early hours of Sunday.

actor and director natasha lyonne He was responsible for presenting the final show of the 47th season and japanese breakfast“It was a group of guests.

This show is full of satire and humor usually doesn’t allow members who don’t come back after the summer to say goodbye on airBut this time he made an exception.

McKinnon, who joined SNL in 2012She volunteered to go with the aliens at the end of the first draft of the night, where she played a strange woman abducted by aliens.

I always felt like an alien on this planet” he said, and when he got on the spaceship, he called out to the audience and said very excitedly:Earth, I love you. Thanks for letting me stay for a while.“.

Davidson, who has been part of the cast since 2014 and has made millions of headlines this year for her flirtation. Kim Kardashian” was more direct in his farewell.

There are millions of people who just watch (the show) to see if I’m talking about Kanye. (West), Kardashian’s ex-husband,” said the 28-year-old comedian.

Davidson took advantage of his turn to get a spin on his career on SNL, and when he started no one knew what race he belonged tobut now everyone knows he’s white because he’s had “a lot of success with almost no work”.

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