Silvina Luna returned to El Hotel de los Famosos and unleashed joy



After five days in the hospital, the model came back to reality and her companions celebrated with everything. “We are happy”, said Sabrina Carballo and summed up the feelings of the participants.

For a while the strife at El Hotel de los Famosos was over. The return of Silvina Luna The program was a delight for all participants, who welcomed the model with open arms.

After five days in the hospital, the former Big Brother came back to reality and his companions did not hesitate to hug and pamper her after a serious setback in her health. “I went from here to the hospital and from there I came here. Without stopovers. I will come back with other treatments”he confided to Sabrina Carballo and Alexander Caniggia.

“Over there in the first two weeks I went through some care. They have to do with more hydration, eating without salt and aligning myself with meals. I have to regenerate the body after each exercise, not sunbathing. Several little things,” he explained.

Silvina’s return makes me happy. It has a reversible beauty: when you look good on the outside, it’s because something on the inside makes you feel better.” reflects the Galván duckvery attentive to his spiritual side of the latest programs.

Later, he met the rest of the participants and continued to spread his good energy. When she met the staff members, she had a big hug with her friend Majo Martino. “You have to take good care of hertreat her well. Lots of attention to Silvina”, Matilda Blanco finish and summed up the good wishes of the famous towards the model.

Source: Eldoce

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