The 8 stages: he won a million pesos, but he won’t continue playing and made everyone cry



Susana was the winner of the night and took home the grand prize, but she surprised and moved everyone when she said she wasn’t coming back.

The winner from the 8 steps million He moved everyone with his life story and with an exemplary attitude.

When they finished playing, they gave him the check and Guido Kaczka asked him if he would return and surprised everyone when he said no.

The participant says that she had to quit her job as a teacher because of two cancers that she has been facing for six years.

“When they asked me the reason, what I would do with the prize, I said yes, it would help my children, obviously. But I’m dealing with two cancers… So I’m resilient”began by saying the contestant.

“One of the things this situation has taught me is that you have to share, and that’s like a chain of favors.”

And he continued: “This million, when I pick it up, I will assign it to trips that we have not been able to do with my family: The four of us, my husband and my two children, we give this moment together, because all four of us have experienced what I have experienced. So that’s the bottom of this story, ”explained the moved woman. Watch the video.

But the big surprise for everyone came when the driver asked him if he was coming back to play for the other million and he said: “No Guido, until now, because one of the things that this situation that I have been through has taught me is that you have to share, and that’s like a chain of favors.”

“We receive and we must give, we can’t keep everything, it’s not useful to enjoy it alone, it’s useful when it’s sharedand that’s joy, when you share with another, when you keep giving and feel so good, and sometimes it’s a shame that life has to put you in certain situations for you to value ityou don’t see it every day.”

The tears and the emotion at that time of the program had already invaded everyone and especially his rival, who will play again although he has not won.

“I would gladly give my place to the beautiful Luna who is super intelligent, He lost his father, he lives with his grandmother and his mother, it’s the greatest gift I can give to someone today, so it’s for Luna”, he concluded. .

Source: Eldoce

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