Stylist chose the most fashionable women’s hairstyle of summer 2022



Stylists agree that thin braids with loose hair will be the trend of the upcoming summer season. Despite the fact that the style is more typical for the 2000s, the hairstyle is gaining popularity abroad.

So says Neil Kehrer, editor of the German magazine Harpers Bazaar. The stylist is sure that there are many variations of the hairstyle, but the main thing is a combination of thin “boyish” braids and an element of negligence.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have the patience for braiding: you don’t have to be too careful, this trendy hairstyle means a bit of carelessness,” she said.

Earlier, Nikolai Baskov decided to change his style. He left colorful and unusual clothes in the past.

Source: Radio KP

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