Google Stadia denies it was shut down



Google Stadia denies it was shut down

cloud gaming platform Google Stadia assured that it does not plan to suspend its services and announced that it will expand its catalog with the following. “bigger games”It will be available soon for all users.

At the beginning of February, Google stated that it was working hard on the future of Stadia, and news will come in both video games and features of its service throughout this year.

He did so after Business Insider published that this platform has ceased to be a priority for the company and its development will be more focused on preserving the technology that supports it to make it available to companies like Peloton, Capcom or Bungie.

Now, the company has reiterated that it won’t be shutting down Google Stadia anytime soon, after receiving mixed comments from Twitter users who questioned what the future of the platform would be.

“Google Stadia will not shut down. Rest assured we are always working to bring more mainstream games to the platform alongside Stadi Pro.”

It should be noted that the rumors that Google Stadia will be shut down were reinforced by a recent publication of the portal. killed by googleResponsible for compiling the company’s failed projects.

This announced that the cloud gaming platform will be shutting down at the end of the summer, as a source close to Google would have handed the decision over to employees and representatives of the retail business a few days ago.

The same source stressed that the tech does not plan to transfer Stadia services or servers to any “competitors”; It’s an action that will share parallels between the cloud gaming platform and Google Play Music, which was shut down in February and replaced by YouTube Music. .

However, the portal stated that Stadia will announce its closure 30 to 60 days in advance to its members, refund payments for active subscriptions, and stop charging for use in the past month.

However, Google Stadia brought this information together with another post on Twitter, where it reminded users of its premium service (StadiaPro) that they can play the title. wave tale No additional charge until August 1st.

In the same tweet, Google Stadia parodied the controversial broadcast of KilledbyGoogle, denying this information, but making no further comment on the shutdown.

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