Instagram stops fullscreen feed testing and other app changes



Instagram stops testing fullscreen feed and other app changes

Instagram It will stop testing it’s doing on a redesign of its app, such as bringing the ‘feed’ to full screen or switching videos to ‘reels’ format.

The social network owned by Meta announced the cut after receiving intense criticism from its users, who opposed the platform’s adoption of similar features. To the ones on TikTok.

Notably, Instagram’s director, Adam Mosseri, broke the news just two days after reiterating his intention to prioritize. videos of ‘reels’ instead of focusing their bets on the aesthetic releases of the ‘feed’.

“I’m happy we took the risk. If we don’t fail from time to time, it’s because we’re not ambitious enough or thinking brave enough,” the executive told Platform.

After running these tests, Mosseri stated that the Instagram team needed to “take a big step back” and figure out how they want to move forward in order to return. “with some kind of new idea or iteration” After what I learned with this move.

This address change comes days after the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the changes in the address change section. ‘advices’guaranteed to double the amount of content here.

He did so during the presentation of economic results corresponding to the second term, when the chairman of the tech company Meta reported that he would give a supposed boost. Discovery Engine.

As Zuckerberg commented, the company would focus on prioritization random shipments from other users rather than sticking with your usual approach.

It currently focuses on providing its users with more content posted by others involved. friend list From people you follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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