‘The Hotel of the Famous’: Matilda Blanco was eliminated, but Rodrigo Noya offered to leave in her place



As the image consultant said goodbye to his colleagues, the actor asked to speak and expressed his desire to leave the contest.

Mathilde White she was to be the fourth contestant to drop out The hotel of the famous (the thirteen), after losing in a challenge to Sabrina Carballo. However, the elimination took an unexpected turn: Rodrigue Noya announced that he was ready to leave the competition so that the image consultant could continue . Despite this proposal, it remains to be seen whether this maneuver is authorized in the regulations of the reality show.

“Rodri, I didn’t know you, I found a smart, shrewd person. I hated you, I loved you, I hated you, I loved you, but the last was I loved you . I’m sticking with that, you’re a genius and I love your personality,” Matilda told Noya.

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Those words went deep into the actor, who admitted to feeling a little nervous about everything he’s been through in the game. “Listening to Matilda say all the things that happen, I think they happen to all of us and My voice is shaking because it really cost me dearly to make the decision that I made, which is not to continue. “, he exposed. And I add:I wanted to take advantage of the moment to propose if Mathilde’s place could be taken by me. ”.

Listening to him, Chino Leunis asked him what were the reasons for this decision and the former Thank you He admitted that he did not feel comfortable: I can’t find myself right now i can’t find myself ”.

“What Matilda has done is worthy of someone who may have the opportunity to continue, but hey, it’s not a decision I can make,” he concluded.

How was the test in which Matilda lost to Sabrina Carballo

In the elimination duel, Mathilde White Yes Sabrina Carballo They had to overcome a series of obstacles, jump through six hoops – one at a time – pass them through a path and place them in the axis of the platform. Once these steps were completed, they could go get the card that allowed them to continue in the game.

Matilda Blanco has become the fourth eliminated from ‘El Hotel de los Famosos’. ()

Although the image consultant struggled, couldn’t against Sabrina.

“The Hotel of the Famous”: participants out of play

So far, those who have been removed from The hotel of the famous they are Milita Bora , Kate Rodriguez , Nicolas Maiques and now you can add Matilda Blanco and Rodrigo Noya.

Besides, he was out of the game. Leo Garcia who could not bear coexistence and escaped from reality in the midst of deep anguish.

“The hotel of the famous” has already changed a few faces since its formation. (Photo: Instagram / eltrecetv)

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