Melody Luz found Alex Caniggia and Majo Martino together in bed at “El Hotel de los Famosos”



Program after program, the temperature rises among the participants.

An uncomfortable situation experienced the members of the hottest love triangle when Alex Caniggia slept with Major Martino while Melody Light make the beds as personnel manager in this week of The Famous Hotel (eltrece). A few days ago, the dancer and the media man spent a fiery night together in the suite.

“Majo, get up, wander off. How lazy of m….. you are! Don’t get up, I slept there,” said the Emperor, who took the opportunity to spoon under the sheets with the reporter. Far from feeling uncomfortable, she jokes about it: “My friend is not located. He’s pretty bold when he wants he says with a smile.

Melody Luz’s reaction when she saw Alex Caniggia and Majo Martino

From the point of view of Melody Light everything looked different. The dancer clings to her free personality and tries to appear overwhelmed by what she has just seen. I’m not at all surprised that Alex is with Majo, spoon and whispering under the covers . I don’t mind, so I’m leaving them both alone,” he said in the back shoot.

It’s the only bed I can’t make “, he specified to Gabriel Olivieri , hotel manager, when he entered the room and checked on the work he was doing. “Good but guests must wait for them. There is no other,” he told her firmly. Melody was okay with her posture and continued as if nothing had happened.

However, once breakfast is finished, he approached Alex and asked him to speak. He said no and only then she was more angry to be involved in this love triangle.

Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia had a fiery night in the sequel just days ago. (Picture: Video capture)

The link between Majo Martino and Alex Caniggia who was born in “The Hotel of the Famous”

A Alex Caniggia he likes to be the object of desire and, according to the same Major Martino it doesn’t end up supporting of any of his attitudes that lead to consequences, especially in a coexistence in front of the cameras. He also confessed that he feels like he knows him from another life despite having seen it for the first time in the reality show, and for this reason there is so much chemistry between them .

“In my private life, I don’t have friends who are allowed to be pampered. I think this one this is the first time i have a friend with this kind of rights “, revealed. For his part, the son of the former footballer did not talk much about the bond that unites them, and was content to underline: “This is my friend . Touch here, touch there. hugged”.

Program after program, the temperature rises among the participants. (Picture: Video capture)

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