Mario Lange, from mason to artist: “I paint the happy part of things”



The renowned muralist is encouraged to kick the painting to devote himself to his passion: he changes the profession of mason for art. Today his works are in more than 50 countries and even Macri and Alberto Fernández have one.

He was born 52 years ago in Diamante, Entre Ríos, and grew up in a humble home. A deaf mother, four brothers and an alcoholic father. More than once he had to go hunting little birds so that his mother would feed them and he proudly tells about it.

Mario Lange was an athlete, builder and interior designer. Until almost 10 years ago, he understood that life has passed too quickly to waste time. “I had managed to start my construction company, but I compensated the employees and started from scratch,” he said. telenoche from his studio in Villa Carlos Paz.

-How did a man from Entre Ríos, raised in San Luis, settle in the Sierras of Cordoba?

I came for a job offer to stay for a few years, but i fell in love with the cordovans. Córdoba is a very enterprising province, it is different from the rest of the country. I think I will stay a long time.

His studio looks like a boutique. Attached to the Hotel Amerian de la Villa Serrana, two golden horses frame the entrance door and inside there are not only paintings, but life-size horses, mopeds, vintage cars and even paintings have intervened by the artist.

“I started drawing houses with faces. For me, it symbolizes happiness inside the house. You’ll never see a painting of me sadLange assured of his works.

– You started from the bottom and today your paintings are exhibited all over the world. Even the president has your works and Macri too… How does it feel?

I always say art is equal, there are no political colors. What I appreciate the most is that from a 4 year old boy to an 80 year old lady, they are moved by my work. I have painted in cities across Argentina and I respect ideas from all over the world.

Until, Mario painted 1,390 murals in the country and, particularly in San Luis, where he lived much of his life, he has more than 300 works on public roads. In Cordoba, in recent months he has painted two bridges over the Costanera.

– Now that you’re a super famous artist, how much does one of your paintings cost?

There are works from 3 thousand pesos, my art is accessible. In addition, over time I have made other products with my creations, such as mugs, t-shirts or handkerchiefs. The idea is that everyone can take something with them when they come to visit me

Source: Eldoce

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