Insults and Chicanas at El Hotel de los Famosos: a game brought out the worst in the participants



To reflect on the “haters”, José María Muscari proposed a challenge where they had to criticize a colleague privately and anonymously.

This Wednesday Jose Maria Muscari brought together the participants The hotel of the famous (the thirteen) to do an exercise. After thinking about social networks and how they think viewers see them, suggested that they become hateful .

First of all, the “coexistence coach” asked the participants to help him define what a hateful. To which they replied that it is someone who criticizes, who highlights supposed faults, who is envious, who is bored or who vents his hatred on another person.

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At the end, he asked all the participants to become haters, that is to say to Choose a partner from the reality show and critique them privately and anonymously.

While Alex Caniggia He was enthusiastic about the proposal. Walter Queijeiro He thought it might cause trouble. However, everyone was encouraged by the experience.

What the participants said in “The Hotel of the Famous”

Participants had to write their supposed tweet on a card and give it to Muscari, who then read the messages aloud.

“Ima, you are lukewarm. play it” they told Imanol Rodríguez and he replied that “there are several lukewarm” in the reality show. “The big question is, does Locho bol…all the time or is it only bol…for sleeping?” said another pointing loch loccisano who smiled awkwardly.

“Walter is turned away because he is a female pollerudo, but he wants to bury the stick” we read in one of the writings that made everyone burst out laughing, even the sports journalist himself.

The participants at the Hôtel des Célèbres.  (Photo: Capturing El Trece)
The participants at the Hôtel des Célèbres. (Photo: Capturing El Trece)

Majo Martino was the most questioned in “The Hotel of the Famous”

Almost all participants received criticism, but without a doubt Major Martino was the most debatable. “I find it terribly false, vague, noisy and with little personality”you are faker than a three piece ”, “Surely you slept with someone to get in here “O”You need a GPS, you’re lost in sincerity were the messages.

Annoyed, the journalist reflects: “Hater is the one who does not put his name and throws it at you, but why don’t we tell you to your face?

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