“In short, we are alone here against the darkness. Let’s save the whole world from a digital prison”: the Leningrad band released a new song “Foreign Agent”



Three weeks later, Shnurov posted a new video.

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After three weeks of inactivity, Sergei Shnurov took up the pen again and wrote another song with the current name “Foreign Agent”. On April 28, the creation appeared in the profile of the Leningrad group on YouTUBE, and in one evening the clip received almost 400,000 views. The text of the song, as usual, turned out to be obscene, so some words need to be “beeped”.

– We are more spiritual than everyone in the world, we are deeper than all the seas. Children, *****, are a priority, so we are all nicer. We are better than everyone and more beautiful than everyone, smarter than everyone, funnier than everyone. Not everything is our ******** and everywhere we expect success. In short, we are alone here against the darkness. Let’s save the whole world from a digital prison, – is sung in the first verse of the song.

And in the chorus, soloist Zoya adds, “Don’t even doubt it, or you’ll become a foreign agent in a moment.”

Later in the song there are such words: “Our people are made of metal, and not ours are made of ***** (feces); And who you ask in Russia – everyone will say to the leaders: “Thank you”; If something is somehow somewhere, then usually it’s not us.

At the end, Shnurov sings about the journalists recently recognized by foreign agents: “Look who they are leading! To hell with criticism, where Shulman *there is Dud*.

Fans of Shnurov’s work reacted to the new song with restraint, not fully understanding whether the Leningrad leader was sincerely singing or just trying not to lose his popularity.

– Serega was and remains a master of banter. But the coin has two sides; “Leningrad” sits on two chairs so professionally that it is no longer clear when they are serious and when they are ironic; Regardless of the remaining power, songs for all tastes are ready! – Internet users write in the comments.

And some remark the main thing: “Cord never became a foreign agent, although he sings everything that comes to mind.”

Recall that earlier the “conveyor” of the Leningrad group dabbed clips one after another on the topic of garbage and snow removal in St. Petersburg, then on geopolitical issues, the departure of the elite and nostalgia times gone by.

* Yuri Dud and Ekaterina Shulman are recognized as persons exercising the functions of a foreign agent.


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