Ticks have become more aggressive: in 2022, twice as many bitten residents of Russia were recorded



Arthropod activity started earlier than usual this year

A photo: Maria LENTS

Rospotrebnadzor warns: the number of people bitten by ticks traditionally increases on weekends in May. This year, the activity of arthropods began earlier than usual: according to data from the end of April, more than 13,000 people have already turned to doctors throughout Russia. Among them, nearly five thousand are children. Last year, only 7.5 thousand bites were recorded at this time.

And this is only official information. Someone prefers to remove the tick and not take it for research. But to no avail – two people have already been diagnosed with tick-borne viral encephalitis. And it is a dangerous disease. And the main protection against this is vaccination. In areas where tick-borne encephalitis is common, this vaccination is mandatory.

The most bitten people applied in seven regions: Sverdlovsk region, Altai Territory, Kemerovo region, Tyumen region, Primorsky territory, Irkutsk and Novosibirsk regions.

We wrote about how to protect yourself from ticks, how to properly dispose of them if the parasite is still attached, and how to keep it. And don’t forget repellents and miticides that repel ticks if you’re going out into the wild or for a picnic in the park.


Rospotrebnadzor notes that in general the number of people bitten is within the normal range. Annually during the same period, from 6730 to 31479 appeals were registered.

To reduce the number of ixodid ticks carrying dangerous diseases, parks and areas where a large number of infected ticks have been recorded are treated. “Over the past 7 years, the volume of miticide treatments has increased by 26.5%. In 2022, relevant activities are planned on an area of ​​148,677 hectares (in 2021 – 126,032 hectares),” reports Rospotrebnadzor.

Source: KP

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