Carbon monoxide poisoning, a problem that starts when stoves are turned on



About 200 people are poisoned by carbon monoxide each year in the country. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

About 200 people suffer from it a year in the country, mainly due to heating environments with inadequate or in poor condition appliances.

When the cold and after a while of disuse, people begin to use all means of heating possible. However, few are those who periodically overhaul – with an authorized installer and at least once a year – every artifacts home to avoid accidents related to gas leak .

The carbon monoxide poisoning is more common than you might think at this time of year: at least a few 200 people they suffer it every year in Argentina.

“Every year, with the drop in temperatures, we see a large number of people drunk and dead absolutely for this reason preventable . the The main reason for poisonings in Argentina is related to the radiators, kitchens Yes stoves malfunctioning. Many are located in unauthorized places, such as bathrooms,” he revealed. Charles Damin (MN 81870), head of the toxicology service at the Fernández Hospital.

The stove or oven should never be used to heat the house.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
The stove or oven should never be used to heat the house. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

In this sense, the specialist added: “The stoves that don’t work as they should are also problematic. Many people believe that the balanced shot they are fine, but when they are several years old, holes form that prevent them from functioning properly and that is where the poisoning occurs”.

According to damn , carbon monoxide poisoning is very common in the world. “It happens everywhere combustion for heating. Another very common cause, he indicated, are kitchens or ovens used as heating “It’s extremely dangerous because they are not prepared for this function. Normally people don’t have their kitchen checked every year to make sure it has a good oxygenation “, he warned.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Damin clarified that carbon monoxide poisoning is usually get confused easily with other disorders, for example, digestive because the first symptoms are headache – intense headaches -, dizziness nausea and vomiting.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, a problem that starts when stoves are turned on

Regarding the symptom said: “The most common are the headache (front and back), accompanied by nausea Yes vomiting dizziness, numbness and loss of consciousness. The sequence is usually very fast. A poisoning of this type usually leaves neurological sequelae: motor disorders such as hemiplegia Is paraplegia and, in the long run, neurocognitive and impaired consciousness, memory, and psychiatric problems. Some are to be applied immediately after intoxication and others to last appearance that have to do with injuries to the brain ”.

For this reason, he warned that “if one suspects that one is intoxicated by carbon monoxide the first thing to do is open all windows look for the cause (which is always there) and go to the doctor without exception, even if you already feel better. “Intoxication demands treatment with high concentrations of oxygen (high-flow mask or with reservoir) to avoid late sequelae. It is very important that the complete treatment is done with a doctor,” he said.

Recommendations to avoid poisoning

For the specialist, recommendation The main thing is to review each year gas appliances , especially those with a balanced shot that are several years old. They must be seen by a registered gas fitter to make sure they work normally. Never using stoves and ovens as cooking methods heating ”.

In addition, he indicated that it is extremely important to have ventilation in the house when a certain type of combustion is used and avoid heating with blaze-like artifacts .

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