Masturbation: self-knowledge and self-exploration of pleasure are no longer taboos



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Self-pleasure helps reduce stress, release tension, improve sleep quality and mood, as well as boost concentration and produce an overall state of well-being.

May 7th is celebrated international masturbation day , a date established in 1995 to celebrate one of the most common and healthy sexual practices among men and women. Gone are the beliefs without scientific evidence that masturbation causes blindness, hair on hands, impotence or sterility.

Masturbation is an individual act that stimulates the genitals to obtain sexual pleasure, not necessarily to achieve orgasm, but also as a practice of self-knowledge and pleasure-seeking to know what it likes or generates. It is a common act among men and women of all ages, peaking in adolescents and continuing as a practice through adult life.

According to the latest report from Gleeden, a non-monogamous dating app, 71% of Argentines practice this practice several times a month.

The main motivations for masturbation

  1. Sexual satisfaction (47%).
  2. Reduced stress (33%).
  3. Desire to feel good (12%).
  4. Finding Pleasure Points (8%).

The results of this survey, conducted among 8,946 Argentinian users of the application, testify to the diversity of reasons for this practice, which can be done alone, as a couple or – why not – with a group of people.

When consulting users about their preferences regarding the masturbation,

  • 69% say they choose to masturbate alone
  • 31%, with their partner.
Personal pleasure helps reduce stress.  brillianata -
Personal pleasure helps reduce stress. brillianata –

Favorite places

The podium is led by the armchair and the bed, locations chosen by 47% of respondents. 37% say they masturbate where they feel comfortable, while 16% do so in the shower.

A striking fact of this report is the percentage of users who choose to use sex toys , a practice that for many seems commonplace. In this sense, only 26% claim to enjoy it during masturbation, while the remaining 74% do not. Looking at the latter percentage, if they would be open to using it, 41% said yes.

Different scientific studies certify that, both in men and women, masturbation is beneficial for health, since it improves the functioning of the immune system, helps to generate resistance to infections and also allows you to relax and sleep better.

It has also been shown to help reduce the incidence of Prostate cancer in men and women, it reduces menstrual discomfort such as colic and helps release premenstrual tension.

These facts coincide with the opinion of users, who when asked if they thought masturbation was good for their mental health, 82% said yes.

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