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It began to be used for food over 6,000 years ago. Today it is cultivated on almost all continents. Cucumber came to the territory of modern Russia around the XVI century. It has taken root well in the climate of the middle zone and southern regions.

Cucumbers also contain potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, calcium and magnesium. There are other macro and microelements, vitamins, saccharides. The remaining 97-98% is water.

It is with her that most of the useful properties of the vegetable are associated, but not all.

Useful properties of cucumber for the human body

The fruit is an excellent moisturizer. The abundance of water in the composition is enhanced by the properties of potassium to positively influence the supply of fluid to organs and tissues.

Cucumber has a diuretic effect, which helps get rid of edema and excess fat in body tissues.

Vegetables are natural absorbents. It actively eliminates poisons and other harmful substances during intoxication.

With a minimum of calories, cucumber can give a feeling of satiety, which is very useful when dieting.

The salts in the composition of cucumber align the acid-base balance and the metabolic process, neutralize and remove excess acidic compounds from the body. Therefore, the vegetable is an excellent remedy for kidney stones.

Fruits contain a large amount of fiber. According to this indicator, cucumbers lead among vegetables. Beneficial effect on the work of the heart, circulatory system.

The vegetable breaks down sucrose.

Delicate dietary fibers of cucumber cleanse the intestines, favorably affecting its motility and peristalsis.

Cucumber is rich in vitamin C. This helps to strengthen the immune system.

“Harmful” properties of cucumbers

The water base of cucumber is very vulnerable. It can accumulate harmful substances. Growing cucumbers early or out of season most likely uses artificial stimulants or pesticides, so they can be harmful to the human body. Doctors categorically do not recommend buying such vegetables.

Risks: poisoning, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. Nitrates may not be felt immediately, but they will stay in your body for a long time, waiting to be replenished to a critical level.

In general, cucumbers eaten in moderation are a low-calorie and tasty product, good for the intestines, which can rightly be included in any healthy diet.

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