Gennady Onishchenko: There will be no resurgence of this infection – covid! But it is better to spend a holiday in his pro-epidemic country



Gennady Onishchenko in the studio of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

– … Gennady Grigorievich, Happy Victory Day! This is an assistant to Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Onishchenko – Gamov.

– Thank you. You too, with the greatest and most sacred holiday for us.

– I’m here to help you. Because, look, this is how our readers and site visitors, listeners should orient themselves. Yesterday and today there is a discussion. The speakers are experts, epidemiologists. Some say a surge of COVID-19 is expected in May-June. Others say there will be no push. So I think Gennady Grigoryevich Onishchenko has the truth, the truth.

– Well, I read those panic statements too. And today they were. But among those who make these statements, I do not see a single specialist in this field.

– Nope.

– No I do not know. I don’t see any experts. Because people express themselves there and they are little known in professional circles. There is a kind of “Kryukov infectious disease specialist”.

– Needless to name, let’s not glorify.

We will not glorify it.

– Cut Kriukov out of the air.

Why he does that, I don’t understand. It has no objective scientific data.

– What do you have?

– So far, the data we have, and this, in the first place, the genetic status of certain strains, suggests that we are currently experiencing the fifth pandemic surge, from November 2019. It is the most contagious.

– Contagious.

– It’s less virulent.

– Less dangerous.

– Yes, in terms of demonstrations. It, in the vast majority, either proceeds with a mild clinic or is usually asymptomatic.

Well, that is, in essence, we’re talking about transportation. Of course, I am far from thinking of simplifying. Therefore, you need to be vaccinated.

But, unfortunately, our large regions – Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow region, practically canceled this work on vaccination.

– Either revaccination is necessary, isn’t it?

– Well, someone else is not vaccinated, someone needs to be revaccinated.

Well, that is, everyone over the years already knows what immune state he is in.

I got sick – that’s one thing. Vaccinated means you need to be re-vaccinated. If you have already been revaccinated, you still have to count until the next revaccination, and so on.

There is a vaccine, there are vaccination points. And that’s where I would focus on that. But all these statements about what will be in June-July, someone is talking about September.

– Yeah – we’re talking about a surge.

– So far (I repeat once again) there is no scientific data on this. We (the danger) do not see. And monitoring of strain circulation is ongoing. And this is happening on a global scale.

– There is something five thousand in the country.

– Five thousand cases, yes, now.

But, unfortunately, they, well, how can I tell you, we don’t have any contact sheets. Here in China, I read the summary every day, it’s like this: so many people got sick, so many people are asymptomatic, yet confirmed, and so many people are under observation. Who is under surveillance?

– Yes?

– For example, you communicated with me, and I have an omicron.

– You don’t, you don’t!

– Well, I give you such examples.

The Chinese take this account seriously today. We don’t have that, unfortunately.

But the main combustible contingent in our country is the children. They are now literally a few weeks away, let alone two weeks away, they will go on vacation and disperse. Naturally, a massive vacation period will also begin for adults. In companies, in organizations, people will go on vacation. It will scatter people.

– Well.

– Yes!

– Let’s just replace the “fuel quota”, you said, there are children, let’s go with others …

– What?

– You said: the most “inflammable contingent” are the children. Instead of “flammable” – something else.

– Vulnerable.

– Oh, vulnerable.

– The only thing I would like to prevent and even ask: let’s be self-service this year.

– In terms of?

– What I mean? Self-service is that you have to bet on a stay in the countryside for leisure. Because Turkey, of course, is ready to receive us. But in Turkey, the situation is much worse than in our country, in terms of the spread of infection, in terms of the vaccinated population. Therefore, seek adventure throughout the world…

– There are also unbridled Ukrainian Nazis…

– Or?

– … take a walk in Turkey.

– Well, as far as I know, they would be sitting in the trenches … But maybe someone went there.

I would advise our fellow citizens to rest at home. Crimea has already been involved in this work, and a lot has been done there, from the point of view of putting health facilities in order.

– Abkhazia…

– Our Black Sea coast.

– Can I go to Abkhazia in August?

– You can go to Abkhazia. They work closely with us there.

– Gennady Grigorievich, I propose to end this interview like this. Thanks to you, I learned another term – “pro-epidemic”. How pro-epidemic is the Russian Federation now?

– Well, the Russian Federation …

– To counter a new threat and a new wave.

We have universal immunity. We have about 18 million cured and about 50 million vaccinated.

– Thank God!.

– And here is the sum of these two factors, because those who have been sick are people who have received natural immunity, vaccinated people who have received vaccine immunity. Now, if we add them together, we get a pretty big…

– Epidemic.

– It must also be taken into account that there were many who suffered asymptomatically and were not included in any statistics. However, they are immune.

– Everyone, let’s sum it up. Thank you very much, Gennady Grigorievich.

– You once again with a good holiday – Victory Day.

– And you with a good holiday.

And your guardian angel.

– And you. I hug. Hooray!

Source: KP

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