Health communication improves patient care



At the high-complexity hospital in Red El Cruce, a people- and communication-centered model of care is developed. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)For: Natasha Pisarenko/AP

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I What is sought with communication is to transform the links with patients and for the institution to speak into an empathic key.

Communication is essential at all times in our lives, especially when we are patient. In the El Cruce Network High Complexity Hospital

For 14 years, a care model centered on the person has been developed and communication is part of organizational management, this allows better patient care and better links between health personnel. A hospital listens to its patients

can meet your needs and know where you need to improve. Because health procedures are not just assistance, understand that it is essential to humanize the relationship between the health team, patients and their families who are going through complex situations. I also read:

Health system reform: communication strategy or real threat? This is how last year, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the humanized care protocol

to facilitate the stay of patients. What is sought with communication is to transform the links with patients and

that the institution transmits in an empathic key.

On the other hand, it aims to make staff aware of the impact of health communication on the relationship between the team and the patients. Understand that a health team that communicates with warmth generates positive outcomes in patient care.

There are things that should not be replaced, such as the presence of a human being in front of a person who is suffering: taking an interest, listening and responding to doubts and fears, a look, a few words, being warm, have empathy and understand the situation of the other or the other. The people-centered internal communication process is co-created by all staff of an institution and involves all levels of management

goes beyond massive institutional channels and includes informal communication to turn it into healthy connections.

Health communication improves patient care

A model for other hospitals The applicability of this healthcare communication model allows for the versatility and flexibility of its implementation in any healthcare setting and level. It is generated by all people.

They are the people at the center of communication.

Humanizing health is a necessity. These needs are real and more and more scientific evidence is emerging on its benefits. The World Health Organization, as well as several international organizations and specific publications, have highlighted the need for health care awareness in a situation of humanitarian crisis

especially in this pandemic. Everything is theory, the practice is carried out by each institution in the best possible way in a very limited context.

This work approach won the prize for the best research work “Transforming the links with patients. How to communicate in an empathetic key” at the XXXI Congress of Communication and Health held at the Escorial in Madrid, Spain.

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