Find out how to store sauces and soups while saving space



Chef Giu Giunti shares a piece of advice that has helped make life much easier by optimizing a few spaces; Appearance!

Did you know that you can freeze sauces, broths and soups in ziplock bags? Besides being a super handy way to store food, it doesn’t take up much space in the freezer.

There are options for silicone bags that have a long service life. The plastic ones can and should be reused, they remain brand new only by washing them and putting them to dry. It is very important that you also have different sizes for different volumes of liquid. I like having two models, one bigger and one smaller. Another good thing about freezing this way is that it also ends up being quicker to thaw.

To store liquids in bags, you will need the help of a jar or jar with a wider mouth. Dress up the bag so you can fill it with liquid without making a mess. Take out the bag and place it on the counter, eliminate excess air from inside and close the zipper. Place the bags on a baking sheet or cutting board and place them in the freezer. Once frozen they are firm and easy to fix.

I learned this tip when I was introducing my eldest daughter to food, I kept the soups like that without taking up space, so I could take it anywhere!

Source: Terra

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