KNAB initiates criminal proceedings against a doctor for fictitious vaccination of 11 residents against Covid-19



The Corruption and Prevention Bureau (KNAB) on Monday initiated criminal proceedings against a certain medical worker for fictitious vaccination of 11 residents against Covid-19.

The KNAB called for criminal proceedings against the woman because she entered information about the Covid-19 vaccination into the automated data processing system, which is not true. The criminal proceedings were opened on September 17, 2021.

Evidence obtained in the criminal case indicates that a doctor who worked at the mall’s vaccination center performed false vaccinations against Covid-19 and took steps to ensure that information on vaccinations suspected were in the e-veselība system. This allowed people who had not actually been vaccinated to receive a certificate confirming that they had been vaccinated.

The KNAB has received information that a particular worker at the vaccination center may have tampered with the vaccines of 11 people.

During the investigation of the criminal case, the KNAB received information about another 320 people who may have been fictitiously vaccinated and received certificates. The information was passed on to the national police.

The criminal law provides for such acts a prison sentence of up to seven years with confiscation of property.

Source: delfi

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