A three-year-old child came to the store alone; parents were drunk



Jelgava Police Station received a call from a store selling alcoholic beverages and was informed that a three-year-old child without an adult had entered the store. The boy cannot tell where his parents are and where he lives. A police team immediately went to the scene.

As the guards went to the given address, a man who called himself the father of the child entered the store. Soon the police arrived. During the check, it turned out that the man was intoxicated, so the guards decided to go to his house. It turned out that three other minor children, born in 2011, 2013 and 2014, live in unsanitary conditions. Their mother was also present. The woman was also drunk, she refused to be tested, behaved aggressively and blamed the older children for not taking care of the younger one.

Considering what happened, law enforcement decided to remove the children from the family and place them in a crisis center. In turn, parents for failure to fulfill parental duties will be called to administrative responsibility.

The police ask not to ignore cases in which children could be in danger and to inform about possible violations.

Source: delfi

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