The drug trafficking case worth 2.4 million euros was transferred to the public prosecutor’s office



The state police handed over to the public prosecutor’s office for the initiation of criminal proceedings the elements of the drug trafficking case for the amount of 2.4 million euros.

According to the file, the police had reasonable suspicion that a certain person was associated with drug trafficking. On October 19, 2021, in cooperation with colleagues from the Riga Tax and Customs Police Department, the driver of a DAF truck was arrested, as he was heading for the unloading of a legal cargo – alcoholic beverages . During the search, 106.6 kg of hashish and 161.5 kg of MDMA tablets were found among the pallets of alcohol.

It is assumed that the drugs were intended for further sale in neighboring countries. Their total value on the “black market” is 2.37 million euros.

Man born in 1961 was detained and arrested. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

Source: delfi

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