34-year-old Latvian truck driver died in Germany: criminal police investigating case



Last Saturday, a truck caught fire at a Shell truck stop in Himmelkron, Bavaria. As a result of the incident, a 34-year-old Latvian driver died.


How? ‘Or’ What according to the New Press , the parking lot was full when the truckers, who were also stopping to rest, heard a bang. It quickly became clear that the fire had started in the driver’s cab of a Volvo truck from Latvia. The truckers worked quickly: they called the rescuers and began to put out the fire on their own.

Thirty rescuers arrived at the scene. They said that the interior panels of the truck cabin were heavily melted and the windshield was broken, heavy smoke was coming from the cabin, everything was on fire. The driver was found in a bunk, doctors found him dead.

The judicial police are involved in the investigation into the tragedy. As the entire car park is under video surveillance, all camera images will be made available to the police. This may help determine the cause of the fire.

Thanks to the rapid interventions of the emergency services, the fire did not have time to spread to the trailer of the burning truck. According to witnesses, the driver may have been transporting goods for a large chain of furniture stores. The material damage caused by the fire is estimated by the police at around 60,000 euros.

Source: delfi

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