Police arrested the drunk driver: a small child was inside the car



At the end of last week, June 3, employees of the Kurzeme Regional Police Department (KRUP) stopped a car in the parish of Skrunda, whose driver was intoxicated. There was also a drunk passenger and her child in the car.

According to KRUP, when checking Ford’s driver’s body, they found 2.07 ppm, and he didn’t have a license either. The driver’s drunk wife was also in the car – 2.78 ppm was recorded in her body – and her daughter.

The woman explained that on June 3, the man bought a new car and decided to go to Skrunda, but on the way back they were stopped by state police.

Police also discovered that the woman was deprived of rights to all children and that a guardian was caring for her two-year-old daughter. She said that in agreement with the orphans court, she had taken the child to her parents for the weekend.

The police initiated criminal and administrative proceedings.

Source: delfi

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