He invented a salted Easter egg with bread crumbs and he is all the rage on the networks



Valeria Rose has flipped the classic chocolate eggs and keeps selling. “It came out of nowhere, I didn’t do any market research or anything like that,” the creator confessed on Telenoche.

With respect to Easter, and as is often the case in those days, egg sales exploded. While sweet and dark chocolate classics are all the rage, an eye-catching invention caught everyone’s attention and it became a trend.

Valeria Rose created a salty Easter egg from breadcrumb sandwiches and the idea has revolutionized everything: women don’t stop selling. The product contains white or black bread, cheese, ham and homemade mayonnaise as ingredients.

A single video, with over four million viewsSomething to surprise fans. “It came up at a family reunion and my brother brought the idea to me,” Valeria said. Telenight.

Then he confessed the invention: “I didn’t even know if it was really something so new, I even thought it already existed. It’s not that I did any market research or anything, it just came out of nowhere“.

On the other hand, the creator assured that the TikTok furor video was the first egg he made. “While I was doing it, I was filming. I couldn’t even try it,” added the entrepreneur of the moment on social networks.

In addition to opting for a white or black crumb of bread, you can also choose the taste and decorative theme. For example, he made eggs with the photo of Diego Maradona or with images of rabbits.

After the boom that meant egg made with breadcrumb sandwiches, new formats of the savory version have started to emerge, such as the pionono and the roulade. “I think I’ve also inspired other entrepreneurs to turn on their light bulb and use their imaginations,” concluded Valeria Rose.

Source: Eldoce

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