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“Anatomy of a Scandal”, the successful mini-series on the privileges of a libertine club

It is clear that for a long time what governed was the desire of man ; the woman didn't even know she could refuse and often didn't register...

Johnny Depp described the violent episodes of Amber Heard: abuse and feces in her bed

This week, the performers appeared in court to testify in the actor's $50 million case against his ex-wife. The evidence and testimonies of the trial shocked everyone.the scandal...

The six actions to overcome impostor syndrome

Aida Baida Gil, author of the book How to overcome impostor syndrome, She comments that she felt very identified with the term the first time she heard it. ...

A sad case of bullying: “I don’t want to go to school anymore. They call me pig. I’m fed up”

Verbal harassment is not only shouting, insults and threats, but also hurtful, disqualifying and humiliating language. (Photo: Adobe Stock) However, emotional and psychological damage it produces wounds...

17 years have passed since the first video was posted on YouTube

When the section appeared on the scene, from Google they remembered that the first video posted on YouTube (the aforementioned me at the zoo) only lasts 18 seconds. ...

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