The starting formations of Krasnodar and Rostov became known



Valery Karpin is waiting for a meeting with Krasnodar. Photo: Global Look Press

The Bulls have again left a number of their managers on the bench

Krasnodar and Rostov have announced their starting line-ups for the Matchday 27 match of the Russian Football Championship.

The “bulls” left on the bench and Alexander Martynovich, and Evgeny Chernov, and Yuri Gazinsky. But from the first minutes, Isaenko, Manelov and Spertsyan, recovered from an injury, will appear.

Krasnodar starting lineup: Safonov, Petrov, Sorokin, Isaenko, Litvinov, Ionov, Chernikov, Spertsyan, Krivtsov, Manelov, Olusegun.

Spare part: Gorodov, Agkatsev, Chernov, Martynovich, Borodin, Gazinsky, Yakimov, Matsukatov, Ilyin, Sabua, Apekov, Samko.

Valery Karpin has lined up more or less the same composition for several matches. Now, however, Sow has not entered the application for the game, but the image will not change much because of it. Nikolay Komlichenko and Dmitry Poloz will come out in attack from the first minutes.

Rostov starting lineup: Pesyakov, Osipenko, Kalinin, Silyanov, Melekhin, Bayramyan, Tugarev, Glebov, Shchetinin, Poloz, Komlichenko.

Spare part: Baburin, Terentiev, Langovich, Mukhin, Vollmer, Melnikov, Sukhomlinov, Selyava, Golenkov, Turishchev.

The match between Krasnodar and Rostov will take place on Saturday and will start at 4:30 p.m. Moscow time.

Source: KP

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