PHOTO: Ethiopians win traditional Riga Marathon



Ethiopian runners Deribe Robi Melka (men) and Mecuria Arebu Zenebe (women) became the winners of the Rimi International Riga Marathon, which took place on May 15.

Marathons in Riga have been held since 1991. This year the Riga Marathon was held for the 32nd time.

The Rimi Riga Marathon program traditionally consisted of two days. On Saturday, May 14, children’s day was held, 3,500 children took part. The young runners started and finished near the Liberty Monument.

And on May 15, the main races of the Riga Marathon took place in the capital. Participants of the marathon started the distance at 7:00 a.m., the half marathon (21 km run) – at 7:50 and 8:45 a.m., the 10 km run – at 12:00 p.m., the 6 km run – at 2:00 p.m. A total of 17,033 participants from 76 countries around the world have registered to compete in various distances.

The participants of the marathon started on the quay on November 11, then the distance passed along the stone bridge, Ranka Dambis, Daugavgrīvas street, Slokas street, along Kipsala, Balasta dambis, along Kliversala, Mukusalas street, Island Bridge, Krasta Quay, again along Stone Bridge and second circle to Pardaugava, then along Vantu Bridge, Brivibas Street, Sencu Street, Skanstes Street, Elizabetes Street, Exporta Street and end on the Quai du 11 Novembre. During the marathon, traffic on some streets was blocked.

1928 foreign runners participated in the marathon. The largest number of runners was represented by Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Great Britain, Spain, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland and France. Athletes from Russia and Belarus were denied registration for the Riga Marathon.

Ethiopian Deribe Robi Melka crossed the finish line in two hours 12 minutes and seven seconds and became the winner of the Riga Marathon. Second place was taken by Kenyan Michael Njeng Kunjuga, who lost 53 seconds to the winner. The leading trio was closed by another Kenyan runner, Duncan Kash, who lost 4 seconds to Kunjuga.

Kristaps Berzins became the Latvian marathon champion with a time of 2:29.13. His time was seventh among all participants. Denis Prikulis finished 29 seconds behind Berzins and became Latvian runner-up (eighth overall), bronze medalist – Kristaps Kaimins – two minutes and 15 seconds behind Berzins (ninth overall).

Ethiopia’s Mecuria Arebu Zenebe won the women’s competition with a score of two hours 30 minutes and 53 seconds. Second place was taken by runner Marina Khmelevskaya from Uzbekistan (2:33.19), third place was taken by Ajnalema Teferi Kasahuna from Ethiopia (2:38.21).

Just behind the top three were three Latvian riders. Anna Klyuchnik (3:00.16) became the national champion, Lyudmila Zepa (3:04.36) became the silver medalist, Anastasia Geraseva (3:09.52) became the bronze medalist.

Ethiopian Abate Sikiyas Misganavs won the half marathon in 1h30. Kenya’s Shadrak Kiming Korir lost four seconds and his compatriot Simon Kiruti Muthoni was third in 1:02.30. Eighth place was taken by Dmiriy Seregin (1:05.15) and tenth by Janis Vishkers (1:07.59).

The women’s half marathon was won by Kenyan Beatrice Mutaha (1:09.12), second place went to Ethiopian Alemadis Ejaju Sisae (1:09.32) and Kenyan Veronica Njeri Maina third (1:10.51). Latvian runner Ilona Marchele was eighth (1:21.01) and Santa Viskere was ninth (1:24.42).

Source: delfi

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