There are seven detained for incidents in the obelisk during the Boca celebrations



Incidents during the Boca celebrations in the Obelisk. (Photo: TN capture)

It all started after a ventilator fell off a fence and security forces tried to make room for the ambulance to enter.

The feast at the obelisk for the consecration of Blocked in the Professional League Cup ended tarnished after clashes between supporters and police: stones, tear gas, bullfights and seven detainees They were the result of a moment of great tension.

It all started when a person tried to climb the bars that surround the traditional monument of Buenos Aires and fell into the void . When the SAME ambulance arrived, the security forces tried to cordon off the vehicle so that it could reach the injured person. At this time, the situation began to boil over.

There have been crossovers between some fans and police officers. Xeneize supporters threw stones and security forces used tear gas to try to disperse them. The situation lasted for a few minutes, although a handful of fans continued with the insults and shouting.

So far, everything had gone well.

Boca, champion of the Professional League Cup

Blocked Professional League Cup Champion Argentinian football. The Xeneize defeated Tiger 3-0 at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium in Cordoba and added the title number 72 at your showcase .

red frames after an error by Gonzalo Marinelli, Frank Fabra Yes Luis Vázquez They converted goals for Ribera’s side, who were clear winners and only had a bad time in the opening minutes of the second half.

Along with the coronation, Boca received the sum of 250 thousand dollars as a prize and also secured a place in the next edition of the Copa Libertadores .


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Source: TN

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